The UKDA have been the only organisation in the UK to hold ZTP inviting the honourable judge Mr Hans Wiblishauser from Germany to both events.

The UKDA is at forefront of promoting the working & showing ability of this magnificent breed & we will continue to do so, the ZTP is a fit for breeding test and something we would like breeders in the UK to do.

Pictured: Mr David Anderson President of the UKDA, Mr Hans Wiblishauser from Germany, Mr Michael Mc Cann UKDA General Secretary & Working Dogs Director. 

In 2010 the first ZTP (Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung), ‘Fit for Breeding Test’ was held at Chancepixies kennels in Dover with Herr Wiblishauser. 


Amber Sea Adele Great                      (B) V1A PASS

Int, Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq            (D) V1A PASS

Aritaur Vincent Vega Eur JgSgr        (D) V1A PASS

Axel von Schattenjagger                    (D) SG1A PASS

Chancepixies Femme Fatale              (B) SG1B PASS

Chancepixies Juggernaut                   (D) SG1A PASS

Oberstein Arabs Fantasy                    (B) SG1B PASS

The second ZTP organised by the UKDA held in 2016 

Dogs :                                                                                            Handler / owner if different                                         HD

1. Pride of Russia Stalker          V1A                                  Dorothee Le Blond                                   HD-A

2.  Lucinio Del Diamante Nero   V1A                                  Dean Spires    , Triona Ni She                    HD-A

3. Lunascura Quebec                  Disqualified                     Dean Banks                                             HD-A

4. Elide del Diamante Nero       V1B                                    Dean Spires   , Triona Ni She                    HD-B

5. Fiodina Vom Jaspis               SG 1B                                 Michael  McCann                                     HD-A

6. Iriah de Chardmethee           Held back 3 months              Dorothee Le Blond                                  HD-A

7.  Ruholfia Figi Gigi                 V1A                                    Triona Ni She                                         HD-A