August (specific dates near the time)  2018  9.30am.

Michael Mc Cann from UKDA Essex & Kent IPO Club will be organising a 2 day Seminar/Workshop with the top Dutch trainers & IPO world championships competitors Paulus Bosman & Marielle van der Kooij who have competed many times at the world championships and compete consistently at National & world championship level with countless IPO titles between them, Paul is also a top IPO & KNPV helper. 

The disciplines will be split into 2 days a 3rd day may be available for helper training this 3rd day will be confirmed nearer the time so for now we are only taking payment for the 2 days.

1st day is IPO which will be obedience in the morning with Marielle & protection in the afternoon with helpers Paul & Mike cost is £70 with 1 dog if you have young pups you can do several sessions of obedience with Marielle if not wanting to do the protection work or just obedience with your adult dogs if you prefer as not everyone wants to do the bitework or maybe you want to work on your tracking.

2nd Day will IPO protection work with Paul & Mike on suits & sleeves depending on what the handler wants to work on again its £70 with 1 dog on this day Marielle will also help handlers who just want to concentrate on his or her obedience while the other work is going on , so you can also do three days of obedience if thats what you prefer to work on if a 3rd day becomes available.

If a 3rd day is available it will be for Helper training based on techniques for all levels from beginners up to advanced & will be split into 2 groups you will need to bring your own dogs to work on £70 for the day maximum of 8 helpers, again Marielle will work with dog handlers that want to work on specific obedience issues while the helper training is going on or if you prefer to do a 3rd day of protection thats fine this will be £70 for the 3rd day.

Spectators £35

We will be running this after the guys have finished training & competing at the world championships so it will be held the last weekend in May which will also be a bank holiday, Location will be in Essex parking is available and if weather permits there will be a BBQ there will also be tea & coffee & bring your own lunches.

Full Payment to be made when making the reservation no exceptions.

Contact Michael on 07496 013382
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