The ethos of the UKDA is to consider the welfare of the dogs first & foremost this means no adverse or harsh training methods, we understand the various training tools are down to the individual trainer and no equipment should be used to cause injury or undue stress to any dog.

The dogs should have access during the day to water & a place to rest between training sessions that does not cause injury or undue stress this could be as simple as parking in a shady area on a sunny day or parking your vehicle in the opposite direction of the car nearest to you, punitive training methods by way of electric collars are discouraged and any member advertising such methods on social media or websites may be removed as a member while we understand some of our trainers deal and work with some dangerous dogs we don't condone this type of training for general pet dogs we encourage positive training above all others.

Medical attention & provisions for hospital & veterinary treatment should be readily availble to all members & dogs in the event of an injury or accident & the nearest vet & hospital details displayed at the training grounds.

All trainers to be properly trained & nationaly accredited to be dealing with specific dog training issues or behavioural problems if giving professional advice.

Section 1A

  1. The UKDA and its members will promote positive training methods above all others and any member promoting punitive methods by way of ecollar training will be liable to have their membership revoked while we understand it is a training tool it must not be promoted for every training situation ie recall or the socialization of dogs and with the current ban on ecollars in other parts of the UK and current debate in the UK we envisage a ban on these type of devices for the whole of the UK even if they are not banned we will not promote such training methods, any applicant or current member must not promote or sell electric training devices on their website or social media pages as we do not  promote this type of training any person found doing so may have their application refused and any current member may be suspended and random visits are made to our training clubs to ensure compliance, in recent years while competing whole teams have been disqualified from major dog sport events due to e collar use and the latest news is Holland is introducing a ban on electric training devices
  2. Any member who shall be suspended by the UKDA, shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the UKDA
  3. We will work with organizations that have the breeds best interest as their core values.
  4. With the rise in social media we expect all our members to conduct themselves in a manner that does not harm our breed our organisation or bring our breeds organisations IDC/FCI or other UKDA members into disrepute in anyway.

Section 1B:

For Branch Members: Full public liability insurance to be in place & displayed at the training grounds this insurance must cover protection training as per SIA standard if training security/sports & personal protection dogs not just pet dog training insurance as this does not cover protection/bitework training, all UKDA Clubs & affiliated clubs training protection/bitework should have this in place to cover club members & the general public also professional indemnity insurance should also be in place as good practice if giving dog training advice or carrying out behavioural work to club members & the general public.

The UKDA is committed to encourageing personal development of its trainers in all canine related sectors ranging from training to behaviour. 

All licensed bite helpers to wear adequate protection clothing while training dogs in protection. 

Members of the public that are spectating at training sessions should be at a safe cordoned off distance away from club members dogs & advised of the club rules.

At no time should any trainer or member of the UKDA bring the organisation into disrepute by way of mistreating any dogs or speaking about members in a disrespectful manner, any member or trainer found doing so may be disciplined before the committee & may be subject to expulsion from the UKDA.

All members must give full disclosure regarding health and temperament when promoting dogs as breeding dogs.

All UKDA branches are subject to periodic visits to ensure the UKDA ethos is adhered too.