Dear Members:

We as a commitee spend a lot of our free time running various events/trials and therefore do not have the time or resources to chase up every members contact details so its the responsibility of each member to ensure our membership secretary has your up to date contact information.

The UKDA Membership Secretary can be contacted directly at:

To help members the UKDA will send out 3 reminders to each existing member to the details that were provided to us when you made the previous years membership application.

These 3 reminders will be sent in November - December and a final reminder in January that's a 90 day membership renewal window.

Please Note:

If existing members do not fill out a membership application in this 90 day window you will have to wait until the next membership window to reapply for membership which would be in the November.

The UKDA committee

Click on the link below for your individual & joint UKDA membership application:

Proud affiliated member of the IDC 

Click on the link below for your branch application form:

The UKDA reserves the right to refuse membership if we feel you have brought the organisation or its affiliated organisations into disrepute in the past, or we feel your membership will be harmful to the UKDA  organisation in any way with no explanation required on the UKDA part.