To date the current list of IPO dogs to have titled in the UK as well as dogs owned & trained in the UK but titled in Europe.

Askya from the Dobergang                            George Robinson        IPO3 2009

Int, Lux Ch Aritaur Histabraq                        Martin Horgan            IPO3 2009

Aritaur Notorious                                           Tony Sheldon             IPO3 2012

Chancepixies Legend                                     Des Connolly              IPO3 2007

Dark Hill Belona                                            Gabriela Szabo           IPO3 2008

Darkiss Maximus Decimus at Kinmonth       Derek Elmslie            IPO3 2015

Edmondo vom Bayerischen                            George Robinson        IPO3 2007

Jobergs Ducati                                                Gary Booth                IPO3 

Oberstein Arabs Fantasy                                Andrew Ball               IPO3 2010

Vyleighs Heartbeat                                        Carl Gucker                IPO3 2000

Revolution von Warringhof                            Julie West                   IPO3 

 Fiodina Vom Jaspis                                       Michael Mc Cann         IPO3 2018 & 2019 1st UK Dog to gain 100p in Tracking under an FCI Judge 

Chancepixies Angelica                                   David Anderson          IPO2 2009

David von Hunnoterra                                    James Weller              IPO2 2013

Devil Dragon vom Jahrestal                           Michael McCann        IPO2 2014

Florentina Texas Dawn for Oberstein            Dave Humphries         IPO2 

Mianna Cracklin Rose At Luftez                   Amelia Murray           IPO2 2017

 Devil Dragon vom Jahrestal                         Michael Mc Cann        IPO1

Chancepixies Auctioneer                               David Anderson          IPO1 2006

Chancepixies Cherry Brandy                         David Anderson          IPO1 

Ch Keyala’s Dream Machine at Nytbonn        David Wood               IPO1 2006

Dogs titled outside of the UK but owned & trained in the UK

Fiodina Vom Jaspis                                        Michael Mc Cann         IPO1 2017 Titled in Holland

Fiodina Vom Jaspis                                         Michael Mc Cann        IPO2  2017 Titled in Holland

Fiodina Vom Jaspis                                         Michael Mc Cann        IPO3  2018 Titled in Holland