FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale 

The International Kennel Club. This is the umbrella organisation for most of the Kennel Clubs throughout the world, with the notable exceptions of the American KC and the English KC.

BH - Begleithundeptufung - the temperament test

IPO - International Trial Rules

VDH - Verband fur das Deutsche Hundewesen - the German Kennel Club. This is the governing body made up of other organisations and clubs, including the AZG

AZG - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rassehunde Zuchtvereine und Gebraucheshundeverbande - the Working Dog Council. It is the regulatory organisation for rules and regulations. All trial rules are written and adopted by the AZG under the authority of the VDH

DV - Dobermann Verein - the German Dobermann Club, the oldest Dobermann Club

IDC - International Dobermann Club

ZTP - Zuchttauglichkeitspr├╝fungsbericht, which means "breed stability test" in German

Competition Obedience

IPO & Pet Obedience

Helper training 3rd Sunday of every month.

UKDA & Dutch licensing

Protection training

Licensed UKDA & Dutch helpers