The Club shall be called the United Kingdom Dobermann Association (hereinafter called the UKDA and its aims, objects and vision shall be to unite and improve the Dobermann, in all aspects; to implement a fit for breeding test in the United Kingdom; to ultimately reduce the large number of dobermann being needlessly destroyed or in rescue, through education and responsible breeding and ownership., and bearing in mind that the Dobermann is a working dog, to foster and promote the interests, welfare and good name of the breed.

The UKDA shall not be classed as a trading business and the profits of the UKDA from all sources shall be devoted to the furtherance of the aims, objects and vision of the UKDA.


a. The UKDA shall consist of an unlimited number of Members, all of whose names and address shall be entered in a register kept by the Membership Secretary.

b. Application for membership shall be made to the Committee through the Membership Secretary on an official UKDA form which is obtainable from the Membership Secretary at ukdamembershipsecretary@gmail.com or through the official UKDA website https://www.uk-dobermann-association.co.uk. The form shall be completed by the applicant and submitted through the Membership Secretary together with the appropriate current subscription.

c. Each application shall be considered by the Committee who shall have the right to refuse it without disclosing their reasons.

d. No applicant past or present shall enjoy any privilege of membership until this application has been accepted by the Committee, which must get the approval of  2 committee members.

(2) Officers & Committee:

The committee shall consist of the President, the general secretary, a chairman, a treasurer and a committee of up to 7.

a. The management of the UKDA shall be in the hands of the officers & committee and any available positions can be voted for by paid up members who have been a member for 3 consecutive years.

b. The UKDA may elect a president a person within the Dobermann breed if the position becomes available, the president has only an advisory role within the organisation and the day to day running of the organisation is with the chairman & general secretary.

The chairman shall be elected annually from the floor, the chairman will not have voting rights unless a tie vote is reached then the chairman’s vote will be deciding and final. There shall be a committee of up to 7 elected members.

c. The committee shall, each year at its first meeting after the AGM elect from its members a vice chairman and membership secretary if positions become available. Meeting of the committee shall be held as often as deemed necessary by the chairman or General Secretary as and when they feel its necessary, or by the majority of the committee and any emergency meeting can be called by the president or general secretary without notice also known as a special general meeting herin known as an SGM.

d. Any acting Officer or Committee Member whom without reasonable cause, fails to attend three consecutive meetings may be suspended from the Committee.

Any acting Officer or Committee Member of the Society who resigns from the Society for any other reason than ill health will not be permitted to stand for re-election to the committee for a period of two calendar years following resignation.

(3) POWERS OF COMMITTEE. The Committee shall have the power to call meetings to arbitrate in matters of dispute within the UKDA, to deal at its absolute discretion with the funds and property of the UKDA and to settle any question or matter not at present provided for in these Rules.

Any decision taken under this Rule shall remain operative until the following Annual General Meeting or SGM.


Annual subscriptions shall become payable on 1st January in each year and until further notice shall be – Joint (two members living at same address)£40..00 Single Membership £30.00.

Membership is restricted to persons over the age of 18 years, there will be 3 reminders sent to existing members either by email or on the official UKDA website 60 days before membership renewal with the first notice in November then another notice again in December and a final notice in January, if existing members do not renew in that 90 days no application will be considered until the following years membership reminder date. 

a. Only paid up members may be elected to any office of the Committee.

b. No member shall be permitted to stand for any election to the UKDA committee unless they have been a paid up member for 3 consecutive years prior to any application. In the event of insufficient nominations to the Committee being received the requisite additional names shall be nominated from the floor at the Annual General Meeting and elected by a simple majority.


An Annual General Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the IDC congress depending on dates of this congress or at a date set by the committee, which will be published on the official UKDA website.

o To Pass the Minutes of the previous General Meeting(s)

o To receive reports from the Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer.

o To receive the Annual Accounts.o To elect Officers, and Committee.

o To appoint auditors, of whom there shall be two unless one is professionally qualified when he alone will suffice.

o To discuss items previously submitted to the Agenda.

At an Annual General Meeting, only business appearing on the published Agenda may be dealt with or if deemed necessary  business relevant to the organization.

All items for the Agenda must be received in writing to the Secretary at least 14 clear days before the meeting.


The Minutes of all UKDA meetings shall be prepared by the Secretary or by the secretary’s nominee on the day for agreement by the Chairman.


The rules of the UKDA may not be altered except at an Annual General Meeting or if there are grounds it is in the best interest of the UKDA at an SGM.


The UKDA financial year shall run from lst January to 31st December in any year. A Bank Account in the name of the UKDA to which all income shall be credited. Withdrawals shall be made by  the Treasurer.

All reasonable expenses incurred by the General Secretary or Treasurer or any other member of the UKDA so authorized by the Committee shall be reimbursed from the UKDA Funds as soon as possible.

The books of account shall be kept by the Treasurer who shall prepare the annual accounts for certification by the committee.


In the event of the UKDA ceasing to exist for any reason a meeting of the committee shall be called to decide upon the disposal of any assets remaining after all the UKDA liabilities have been discharged.


The UKDA is a member of the International Dobermann Club herein known as the IDC.


The UKDA is the final authority interpreting the Rules and Constitution of the UKDA and in all cases relating to Dobermanns and UKDA matters and their decision is final.

(12) The UKDA and its members will promote positive training methods above all others and any member promoting punitive methods by way of ecollar training will be liable to have their membership revoked while we understand it is a training tool it must not be promoted for every training situation and with the current ban on ecollars in other parts of the UK and current debate in the UK we envisage a ban on these type of devices for the whole of the UK even if they are not banned we will not promote such training methods or training devices, any applicant or current member must not promote or sell electric training devices on their website or social media pages, promote such devices on youtube or any other media platform any person found doing so may have their application refused and any member may be banned from the organization without any right of appeal, any UKDA branch must agree to random visits by any member of the committee to ensure compliance, in recent years whole competing teams have been disqualified from major events due to e collar use and the latest news is Holland is introducing a ban on electric training devices and have now banned the pinch collar.

. http://www.hondensport.com/KNPV/prik band_verbod_2018.html

(13) Members Rights & UKDA Expectations

a. Any member, who shall be suspended by the UKDA or has been suspended in the past, shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the UKDA and will not be permitted to rejoin with no right of appeal.

b. We will work with organizations that have the breed’s best interest as their core values and if we receive reports from canine organizations one of our members has acted improperly we will investigate the matter with the organisation.

c. With the rise in social media we expect all our members to conduct themselves in a manner that does not harm our breed our organization or bring our breeds organizations IDC/Federation Cynologique Internationale now referred to as the FCI or other UKDA members into disrepute in anyway.

d. Membership Applications may be refused when the UKDA Committee feel that membership of an individual may not be in the best interests of the UKDA and no explanation is required on our part even if that member had been previously a member of the UKDA membership is not a given right to any individual and all new & existing members must get the approval of at least 2 committee members.

e. Members code of conduct:

Members should act first and foremost in the best interests of the UKDA. Any member within the UKDA encouraging other members to leave or set up another organisation without the consent of the UKDA committee will be seen as not acting within the best interests of the UKDA (such violations can not be listed individually within this scope and will be looked at by the committee based on the violation). The committee has the authority to determine what constitutes a violation and what action to take. Members will have their membership reviewed at an AGM, SGM or a meeting of the committee. A right of appeal is granted and must be sent in line with the rights of appeals procedures listed below (14 Appeals).

(14) Appeals

Any current paid up member can make an appeal which must be put in writing and sent to the chairman with a fee of £100 made payable to the UKDA to cover committee costs dealing with the complaint before any complaint is heard and must be received within 14 days of the original complaint, the final decision will be with the committee with no further right of appeal and absolutely no complaint will be heard, acknowledged or dealt with if it comes from any UKDA members third party without the set fee as set out by the UKDA.

(15) A Special General meeting herein known as an SGM can be called within 7 days with notice to be displayed on the official UKDA website stating time, date and place.

(16) Members of the Council and of any Sub- Committee and officials of the UKDA shall be indemnified by the UKDA against any legal claim made against them, in connection with any oral or written statement, made by them in good faith in the course of, or in furtherance of their UKDA duties or responsibility.

(17) Anyone seeking election for a vacant position on the UKDA Committee must have been a UKDA member for 3 complete years consecutively prior to the year in which they offer to stand for election and must have not been suspended or refused prior membership during the previous 3 years and must be proposed and seconded by 2 committee members.

(18) Disclosure of Information

Any member who has knowingly mislead the UKDA or any canine organization regarding health testing, breeding, the temperament of a dog, or has knowingly mislead regarding any incident surrounding a dog will not be permitted membership to the UKDA and could also face legal action if we deem it necessary.

(19) Website & Notifications

We hold the right to update our website as and when necessary without any prior notice, it is the members duty to read and understand the constitution, rules & complaints procedures which may be amended either at the AGM or a SGM, members  please note we will not send out email reminders for events, seminars, AGM, SGM due to members not having up to date contact details and due to the new GDPR regulations that came into force in 2018, all relevant UKDA information will be on the official UKDA website https://www.uk-dobermann-association.co.uk


(20) IDC World Championships

All participants wanting to compete at the IDC World Championships must make their application at least 28 days prior to the host countries closing date and must be sent to the working dogs director at ukdawdd@gmail.com all responsibility lies with the individual regarding the correct paperwork getting to the Working Dogs Director, all travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the participant and the UKDA is not responsible for any costs incurred prior to or during the IDC WC.

July 28th 2018
United Kingdom Dobermann Association