United Kingdom Dobermann Association

The Dobermann was bred to be a companion and a member of the family, loyal and affectionate, but with the propensity to protect his beloved family. This loyalty and urge to protect came from being such an integral part of the family.

We believe that this original, and noble, purpose and characteristic of the Dobermann still applies today.
The Dobermann was bred to protect us, now we must protect the Dobermann.

The United Kingdom Dobermann Association (UKDA) is an independent club in the UK for the promotion and protection of the Dobermann and is a member country of The International Dobermann Club (IDC) along with about 36 other member countries, giving the UK a voice on the world stage!

The club was formed to unite breeders, owners, enthusiasts and all those with the breed’s best interest at heart and to promote a form of ‘fit for breeding’ test in the UK.

We have a love and a passion for our breed and we will work alongside other organisations, enthusiasts, owners, breeders, professionals and the general public, in order to reduce the number of Dobermann in rescue, those that are at risk and those being needlessly destroyed, in order to protect and promote the Dobermann in the UK!

Our membership is open to all those who wish to support & protect and promote the Dobermann in the UK you can download the forms from the memberships page 


 For all membership related enquiries contact the membership secretary 

Mr Shangar Sivarajah at ukdamembershipsecretary@gmail.com

To promote & protect the breed we must all work together for the betterment of the breed.

Please ensure you keep us saved in your favourites tabs to ensure you get the latest information from the UKDA website.

It's the responsibility of each member to keep up to date with information related to the UKDA.Due to the recent GDPR regulations that came into force in 2018, we will not be sending out emails to individuals. All information related to the UKDA and upcoming seminars , events, and dates for upcoming AGM and SGMs will be posted clearly on the website and social media.

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